Wave Phasing Theory

波浪相位理論簡介.....創作者: 譚尚智 Matthew Tam

他於1984年開始接觸各種技術分析理論,早 期曾於TVB慈雲山總發射站工作,對無線電電波有深刻認識。他將電波之波浪形態及 相位之相互關係,應用於股市走勢的分析獲得啓發,因而創作了‘波浪相位理論 Wave Phasing Theory’。 經多年不斷的改進,已達完善的境界,突破了世上最具權威的 Elliott Wave Principle, Gann’s TheoryGartley222的 框框及彌補其不足之處。

20023月 他曾在香港證券學會Hong Kong Securities Professionals Association ,第十七期季刊發表對港股的長線走勢預測,指出港股將會於五月中在12,000水 平見頂,明年春(2003)見 底,期後將會一直上升至2007年才見頂。結果他的預測一一應驗。

我們相信世界是在進步的,前人的理論是可以突破和發展的,以你的智慧,假以時日,將來亦可以創作一套更完善的走勢理 論.


Brief Introduction of ‘Wave Phasing Theory’.... Originator: Matthew Tam

He has studied various kinds of technical analysis theories since 1984. In the early stage of HKTVB, he worked for Temple Hill Transmitter Station where he acquired much knowledge in radio waves. He was inspired by the interaction of wave shapes and phase angles and related those findings to the study of stock charts. After years of studies and improvements, he created the ‘Wave Phasing Theory’ which is now well established. It surpassed the boundaries of the world’s powerful theories, i.e., Elliott Wave Principle, Gann’s Theory and Gartley222.

In March 2002, he wrote an article on the long-term forecast of the Hong Kong stock market for the quarterly journal ‘Hong Kong Securities Professionals Association'. In the 17th issue, he predicted that the index would peak in mid-May at 12,000, and then it would find a major bottom in the next Spring (2003). After that the index would scramble up and would peak till 2007. The Hong Kong stock market then followed exactly what he had predicted.

We believe that the world is ever progressing; former theories can breakthrough with further enhancements. With your wisdom, new theories will also emerge.